There was just one catch . . .

Traits of 22Edit

  • Root number 4
  • Pentagonal number
  • 22 ÷ 7 approximates pi as 3.142857...

Examples of 22Edit

  • The atomic number of titanium
  • 22 stars in the Paramount logo
  • 22 chapters in the Revelation of John in Bible
  • In Bingo slang, known as Two Little Ducks
  • 22 is the number of players on a football field
  • The common name for a .22 calibre
  • Catch-22 is the name of a novel by Joseph Heller. The phrase "catch-22" is a paradoxical situation where a person cannot avaoid a problem because the solutions circle back and cause the original problem. For example, a victory leading to your defeat, locking your keys in the car, a "necessary" evil, a "deal with the devil," or even the famous chicken-and-the-egg paradox.